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The Mister B Russian Gas Mask With Hood And Eyecaps gives you on otherworldly (bug eyed) appearance. It is sexy and creepy at the same time and we are here for it! The mask is made from rubber with a thickness of 0.40 mm, and it has a zip in the back which will make it easier to put it on and take it off. It just feels tight and right.

Modified breathe out, where you can connect gas mask tube.


If you have never played with masks or hoods before, you should definitely give it a try! There is a lot of power in transforming into something or someone else and hoods and masks are perfect for that sort of thing. They disguise you, they take away your identity, and they turn you into a badass! And there is another benefit! When you take away some of the senses (vision, hearing) all the other senses will become stronger and more intense. It will basically make you feel much much more. This is what kinksters call sensation play and it is a lot of fun!

FYI: The Mister B Russian Gas Mask With Hood And Eyecaps is available in sizes S-M and L-XL.

Russian Gasmask Hood With Breath In and Out Tube Connection and Eyecaps

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