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I would like to briefly introduce myself, who I am,  how I came up with a new idea and how I came up with the Breath and Aroma Control project.

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My Story

I am a fetish guy and in the beginning I was mainly into rubber and bondage games. I bought  sling frame with rubber sling mat many years ago, but I like to enjoy it also in some kind of bondage position, so that I cannot use my hands how I would like.

Sometimes I like to use aroma, but it is so difficult to handle if I am in that position, it is also very hard  to ask my partner to help me, it always interrupts the game. Or simply my partner cannot open a small bottle with greasy hands.

In that point I started to think about how I can solve this problem, how I can make it very easy to use aroma. 

I graduated as economic computer scientist in secondary school, and I like to solve any problems. I looked around the web if somebody already solved this problem, but I have not really found any machine which provides the solution without any compromise. So I realized I have to start from zero and built up alone the whole concept.

In the first step I started to collect all aspects about what the machine should be able to do. I saw that it is more complex then what I thought at the beginning. It can be used not only for aroma dozing, it can be used for any other things you like to sniff  - smelly shoos, rubber boots or can be connected a bubble bottle. And my biggest idea was that it can be used as breath control machine as well.

I have to say I was not into breath control at all.  I did not know what it is, how it is working, how it can be interesting sexually, but I tried the re-breath bag, and It was so amazing feeling, lots of adrenaline to my body, it gives fully control of my breathing to somebody else. In that point I made decision that I will also make a solution for this game. I looked around the internet again and realized that this part of the fetish game is also very lagging behind, people use unsafe ways or on the contrary the most complex solutions to open and close taps on tubes.  So I had the main points, I could start to produce the machine. 


My project started about 3 years ago when I drew the first basic pipe and valve plan. Some weeks later I had a good working pipe network. But pipe plan part was the easiest step, without smart software it is worth only the paper it is on. My programming skills were too old-school, so I had to learn from zero a totally new and fresh program language.


I have a very good friend from Switzerland for more then 20 years who is a programmer and developer. I described to him what I would like to do, and he helped me to learn program language, techniques and guided me how to write professionally program code. He already had his own framework which I could use, and build on the top a very smart and intelligent IoT software.

Now finished with the software inclusive the newest program techniques without any compromise and can control somebody's breathing in a very safe and reliable way.

I very proud about the result, I packed everything into box, made nice design, learned how to make a 3D parts, print it with 3D printer and now I am done with the whole concept.

I am ready for production, I hope I can give a lot of joy to fetish guys with a very good Breath & Aroma Control Machine which I named AirMaster. 


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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