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Professional Aroma and Air control system.


Available the following actions:

  • Aroma
  • Air on/off play
  • ReBreath


In the set you will find the following:

  • AirMaster Pro Box
  • Power supply
  • Cleanig prod


You have to have the following accessories to use AirMaster Pro Box:

  • 2 pieces of NATO40 gasmask tube
  • 1 piece of gasmask with breath In and Out valve and NATO40 connection
  • 1 piece of ReBreath bag, recommend size is 6 Liter
  • 1 piece of corrugated medical tube with a 2 cm opening.


  • Vaporizer if you would like easy to use and dose aroma

If you do not have any of that you can buy it from my shop.


You can read the details project description here:

AirMaster Project

AirMaster Pro

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