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Hardware components are very important, even small failure can be risky.

Tubes and Valves

When I started to collect the hardware components, I kept in my mind two major rules. The first was that if somebody is connected to the AirMaster box, no matter whether it is plugged in or not or switched on or not, he/she must be able to breath freely. Second was that the valves have to react immediately to all actions, there must not be no waiting time for switching.

If any problem occurs, for example there is no electricity, or some internet network problem, the AirMaster box is set to default, which means you can freely breath without any obstacle.


All connectors which can be found on the side of the box are standardized - which means that you can easily and without any problem connect your gas mask or medical equipment. You can use the equipment which you already have.

The Box

The box is easy to transport and handle, it is compact, thick plastic box which will withstand even harsh conditions.

Power in Numbers


Supported Languages


AirMaster Versions


Switchable actions

Project Gallery

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