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Safety guide lines

Safety is one of the most important things for AirMaster. Here you can read how I did it.

When I designed the AirMaster, the most important thing was to construct a very safe device and to be prepared to handle emergencies safely.

What I want to clarify at the outset is that the AirMaster is


That is why it is most important (as it is true for all breathing control games) that


I designed the AirMaster in such a way that you can breath in and out comfortably in the basic position. If the power should accidentally go out during use or if you simply need to interrupt the current action or program, the AirMaster takes this basic state.

I have used medical grade components where I can, the tubing meets food safety certification.

The AirMaster can be controlled with an external device, the connection is provided via Wifi based on the TCP/IP standard. An active controller must always be present, without which the AirMaster cannot be used. A built-in touch screen can also be selected, in which case it will always be the active control device.

In the following exceptional cases, AirMaster interrupts the currently running campaign or program and returns to its default state:

  • The connection between the control device and the box is lost for more than 1 second

  • Control screen not available (turns off)

  • In case of power failure

When AirMaster is turned on for the very first time, after logging in, the following user policy is read:

  • Improper useage and handeling of articles manufactured by the company AMI can cause serious health damages, injuries or can lead to death.

  • Proper useage is the sole responsibility of the customer. The use of our products is only allowed, exclusively and appropriately, by mutual agreement of all parties participating, also a potentially fixed person must be monitored at all times.

  • It must be guaranteed, that a fixed person can draw attention to oneself or a possible dangerous situation, for example by hand signal or a "safeword".

  • Never use our products alone without supervision and always ensure that everything is clean and hygienic. The useage of our products without supervision can lead to life-threatening situations, e.g. to fix oneself.

  • Before each useage make sure that the device is in a flowless condition and never use it if any defects are visible.

  • Never conduct any unauthorized changes to our products.

  • Make sure, if needed, that the assembly occured correctly. If in doubt please contact us. Do not use our products if you are unsure.

  • NEVER use our products under the influence of drugs, alcohol or medication. This could affect your awareness.

  • Please make sure that all devices are properly adjusted. Always be aware that the neck is never jammed or squeezed.

  • Before useage, especially the first, make yourself familiar with our products.

  • Check all appliances before useage for stability.

  • Even though the blood is sometimes in other parts of the body, please use our products with common sense.

  • Store our safety instructions sheet well.

You must accept this policy, otherwise AirMaster cannot be used!

Each action has a time limit. The time limit changes based on the following levels:

No air limits: Beginner 30 sec, Intermediate 60 sec, Advanced 120 sec

Aroma limits: Beginner 10 sec Intermediate 150 sec Advanced 300 sec

Rebreathing limits: Beginner 60 sec Intermediate 90 sec Advanced 180 sec

When the limit is reached, the running action will stop automatically.

AirMaster starts at beginner level. At each level change, a warning is displayed, drawing attention to the knowledge of the risks.

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