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A good and reliable easy to use software is the key of AirMaster.


It took me long time to find the right programming technique and language which will be suitable to the latest trends, easy to update and which will run and work in different environments. Luckily in last 3 years I was able to learn it.

The AirMaster is not app-based - which means you do not have to upload anything, it runs basically on any device which is able to connect to the local net and has browser.


The AirMaster is emitting its own signal (hot spot) - your device must connected with it. It can be smart phone, tablet, laptop, desktop or smart TV. You do not have to have your own home network, which means it can be easily used in any environment. You can connect more devices at once, but AirMaster will be controlled that device which was connected as first.


Basic version of AirMaster box contains 2, Pro version 3 actions which you can switch on or off.

  • Aroma: You can connect any bottle containing aroma, or bubble bottle, or smelly boots, shoes for any of these actions.

  • Air On/Off: Completely switches on or off access to the fresh air.

  • ReBreath: You can connect re-breathing balloon - which is then connected or disconnected.

AirMaster Basic: Aroma, Air On/Off play

AirMaster Pro: Aroma, Air On/Off, Re-Breath play


All actions can be activated manually. Or you can write your own program to combine actions and run them in your own way. These programs then can be shared and downloaded.

Safety first

The user is protected by multilevel safety measures so that nothing can go wrong. So if the machine is even for a very short time disconnected to the control device, it sets itself automatically to the default status.

In the software can be found 3 user levels - beginner, intermediate and advanced. All of the actions have different time limits - if they elapse, the running action is immediately stopped.

Languages and updates

First version is released with 4 languages (English, German, French and Hungarian). It can be updated any time later. The program can be easily updated in the next edition.

Power in Numbers


Supported Languages


AirMaster Versions


Switchable actions

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